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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Halloween Pics!

Ok, so this is it...Halloween o6! It turned out to be alot more entertaining than I expected, and you know me, I have to be entertained or I get bored. Lucky for me my cousin Amy, aka the RED M&M, is just as crazy as me and therefore extremely entertaining! It all started when her devil costume turned out to be too small for her. She tried cutting the toes out of her red panty hose to make them fit...or at least so the crotch was no longer at her knees, but that failed miserably. So, it was me to the rescue, remembering the M&M costumes my sister and I wore one year at St. F.X. for Halloween! Everything was going great until someone mentioned that good old slogan "they melt in your mouth, not in your hand" and that was it...we might as well have been singing it all night once we had a few too many drinks into us! To add to all the excitement it was also Amy's 25th birthday! Of course everyone knew by the end of the night. We even had a couple of guys get up and sing happy birthday to her, and then of course, like the tone deaf idiots we are we got up and sang "It's my Party"! Still not sure what possessed us to do that, but I'm sure it had something to do with all the liquid courage we had been consuming already! In case you couldn't tell Mark is Bubbles, and he did a great job, he even had the kitty to carry around. And, Thompson was an inflatable ape...the best costume ever, and super cheap too! I think he found it for like $20.00 at Wal-mart or something! We even made it down to the tavern, of course, and everyone was in a costume. It was great...I didn't have to feel like a moron alone!

Sorry about this one Amy, but I had to add it. I just think it's my favorite picture in the whole world!

And of course, I had to add this pic of Frankie as a hotdog. Mom and I made the costume and it was a big hit. I took her to all her usual spots down town, and she actually kept the costume on for like 5 hours. She was a huge hit with the trick or treaters too. All the kids were like, "I get it, it's a weiner dog with a hot dog costume"

So, all in all, Halloween was great this year!


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