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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big Shoulder, Dinosaur Neck, and Creepy guy from Pennsylvania

Really, there's not much to say about this one...anyone who was there will understand! (Who does that?)

Some of my recent Creativity!

Ok, I've done a few new things lately when it comes to scrapbooking and card making, but the store is absolutely crazy lately! We are loving it, but we don't get as much time as we use to just to play with new images and techniques...but don't worry, Mindy would never let us fall behind! So, first is my cutesy Christmas card! I just love the little elves. They are my favorite, and to make the card even better we just got a stamp in the says, "Celebrate your inner Elf" so of course that had to go on the inside of the card cause I'm like a 5 year old at times trapped in a 25 year old body! Then we have the Da Vinci Santa...this card is for those people who like the book/movie "The Da Vinci Code" and I personally just love the image. Although some people find it scary!
These two pages are pretty self explanatory, Frankie of course, but they are just two of my favorites!
Of course, I had to leave the flirty fairy until last because she is my absolute favorite! Thanks to Kim in Hali I got to borrow her and stamp out a bunch of images to use! I shouldn't really be posting her yet because I'm using the images for RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) cards for ink-stains, but I just couldn't resist! This one was a b-day card for a friend of mine Melissa! Anyway, enough creativity for now!

Halloween Pics!

Ok, so this is it...Halloween o6! It turned out to be alot more entertaining than I expected, and you know me, I have to be entertained or I get bored. Lucky for me my cousin Amy, aka the RED M&M, is just as crazy as me and therefore extremely entertaining! It all started when her devil costume turned out to be too small for her. She tried cutting the toes out of her red panty hose to make them fit...or at least so the crotch was no longer at her knees, but that failed miserably. So, it was me to the rescue, remembering the M&M costumes my sister and I wore one year at St. F.X. for Halloween! Everything was going great until someone mentioned that good old slogan "they melt in your mouth, not in your hand" and that was it...we might as well have been singing it all night once we had a few too many drinks into us! To add to all the excitement it was also Amy's 25th birthday! Of course everyone knew by the end of the night. We even had a couple of guys get up and sing happy birthday to her, and then of course, like the tone deaf idiots we are we got up and sang "It's my Party"! Still not sure what possessed us to do that, but I'm sure it had something to do with all the liquid courage we had been consuming already! In case you couldn't tell Mark is Bubbles, and he did a great job, he even had the kitty to carry around. And, Thompson was an inflatable ape...the best costume ever, and super cheap too! I think he found it for like $20.00 at Wal-mart or something! We even made it down to the tavern, of course, and everyone was in a costume. It was great...I didn't have to feel like a moron alone!

Sorry about this one Amy, but I had to add it. I just think it's my favorite picture in the whole world!

And of course, I had to add this pic of Frankie as a hotdog. Mom and I made the costume and it was a big hit. I took her to all her usual spots down town, and she actually kept the costume on for like 5 hours. She was a huge hit with the trick or treaters too. All the kids were like, "I get it, it's a weiner dog with a hot dog costume"

So, all in all, Halloween was great this year!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Lost...where do I begin?

Ok, so this is what's up...I'm absolutly addicted to a few TV shows lately, but I just can't help myself! It's an addiction, like chocolate, shopping and scrapbooking! Let's start with Grey's Anatomy and the idiots that screwed up the showing of the first episode. Let's be serious for a second and say that who ever screwed up should have been fired on the spot! If he/she is still there they are lucky I wasn't in charge because they would have been toast! It seriously messed with a lot of people's normal daily schedule...those who know there will be conversation around the water cooler the next day that will be based on the fav TV show from the night before were all confused. Some were talking about the real first episode, and others were talking about the second episode which they thought was the first and no one actually had a clue what the other was talking about, so they all walked away thinking the others were crazy! Ok, so maybe that's just my life, but I'm sure it had to have happened to others too. Or, there is also the fact that those who can access the episodes on line went ahead and did that; therefore leaving no suprises for the next week because they already saw both episodes. Yes, I am very bitter about the whole thing. I just can't wait until this Thursday when everything is back to normal. About the current situation of everyone on the show, I think it's awesome...Addison, who ruined the relationship with McDreamy in the first place, went ahead and sealed that deal by sleeping with his ex-best friend again. I love that he kinda looked like a bad guy there for a sec, but come on, looking like that how could you even get in trouble! And the whole Meridith dating two guys thing...I LOVE IT! Come on, who else could get away with that? I still don't know who I want her to pick though. I mean it's obvious that it will be McDreamy, otherwise the show is off kilter, but I really like the Vet! Anyway, one of my crazy friends actually thinks that George's woman is going to cheat on him with the chief, but I don't agree, that just seems crazy. I could go on forever, but I'll stop...for now anyway!

On to Dancing with the Stars! (I can't get the damn pics to upload, but I guess I don't really need them anyway) There is only one person to start with when it comes to this show...Sara Evans BOOOOOO! She is horrible, and is the most annoying person on the show. She's all like "I'm not as innocent as I look" and, "I'm gonna let go and show everyone the real me" News flash...we are seeing the real you, and its pretty damn boring. I think her idea of being bad is 2 glasses of wine and kissing a guy on the cheek on the first date! Other than her, I like everyone else, Mario is starting to annoy me a little bit, but I can deal for now. I think my favorite couple is the Joey couple! They are great together, and he genuinely seems like he wants to do good. Even Jerry is doing pretty good, I'd say let him learn the one other dance for his daughters wedding then give him the boot...for his own good, but he is actually putting in an effort; unlike Master P last season. Oh, and I did feel bad for Ashley and Harry last week because he was working really hard, he still looked pretty stiff, but he was working hard, and I think improving!

Ok, the Amazing Race...It is hilarious this season...they have the most sterotypical teams ever this season...the couple from Kentucky, "I don't know how to start them there new vehicles" Get that man a horse, for god's sake! Tom and Terry, I love them, they are awesome, the beauty queens are doing good, I'm impressed. But, thank god the cheerleaders are gone, I couldn't take the cheering in the cabs, in the planes, driving down the road...shut up already! I'm holding out for the moms to win it...unlikely, but it would be nice

The Bachelor Rome...a prince who needs a TV show to find him a wife....Nuff said!

Lost...I just made bets about predictions for the show with Missy and Bevan, so I can't make any comments until after the first episode cause Bevan will steal all my ideas! hahahaha! I can't wait for the season premiere tonight!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Never Under-estimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups!

Ok Lennice, this one's just for you! GOSH! I don't even know where to start, Except to say that this is her on the right...She was my room-mate while I was living in Surfer's Paradise, Australia, and is actually coming to visit me in Canadia (Yes, I spelled it right for Lennice's vocabulary) next August...I can't wait! Well, since it's for you and I know how crazy you are, I'll start by explaining my new theory to you! We all think it's pretty funny at the Scrapbook store. So, here we go: I think men and women could actually belong to two different species. I mean come on, the more you think about it the more believable the whole men are from Mars, women are from Venus idea is. It's not like I'm gonna bash men or anything cause I love men just as much as you (Lennice), but you have to admit, we don't understand them just as much as they don't understand us. Which is pretty much all the time...No wait, it is all the time. But this brings us to the dilemma of different species interbreeding. We all know it's not a normal situation, but the question is whether or not it's possible. And, I now have the answer...YES! So, you may or may not believe this, but at the Oakland Farm Zoo in Aylesford, NS this very thing took place, and we know have an animal affectionately known as a "Zonkey"! It turns out that a donkey got into the Zebra pen, and the result was a "Zonkey". It looks like a donkey, but it's legs are actually black and white stripped! Believe it, I saw it myself! So, Lennice, we come to the point. It is possible for two different species to mate, which explains the complete and total misunderstanding which occurs between men and women. And, I know I said I wasn't going to male bash, and I'm not really, it's just that being female, I am a little bias; but if we translate my theory of men and women to the story about the Zebra and the Donkey, women would be the gracious and beautiful Zebra, and men the Jack-ass. (With the way I feel today, I think that comment is justified!) So Lennice, I figured that if I was gonna dedicate one of my blog postings to you there would be no better one than this...I'm sure you agree with me! The pics I added are just for you, and the last one is one I just thought you might like of Jamie and Joel at the Beer Gardens (Yes, I'm still gonna send the disc to you as well!)

So, to finish this I'll use a few words of wisdom from Lennice herself:

1> "Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large groups"

2> "If you haven't got anything nice to say, come sit next to me"

3> "Sex is like air, it doesn't seem important until you're not getting any" (My personal favorite Lennice)

Oh, by the way: "I got you a delicious bass"

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Aftermath of Hurricane Frankie

Oh, look at me...I'm just the cutest doggie in the world! Well, not so much! This is my little Frankie. She will be 11 months tomorrow, and is currently weighing in at 9.5 pounds; full grown for a breed of her type, miniature dachshund. I will admis, shis is super cute, and I love her to death. She my be a little too cute for her own good though. She gets away with almost everything. For example, I am a shoe fanatic. I love shoes...they are your friend no matter what...put on a few pounds, and your jeans are no longer your friend, but your shoes will fit no matter what. I feel the same way about purses...they never let you down. Anyway, back to the point, Frankie and I, as it turns out have the same taste in shoes, unforunately in Frankie's case it's literal. She really likes the taste of my shoes. I showed you the first pic before, but there have been two more attacks since then. A pair of wooden shoes, which can in no way be saved, and my absolute favorite pair of sling backs, with a kitten heel. My favorite because I don't usually wear black, I like brown, so when I found these shoes and discovered they worked in any situation, casual, dressy, at work; well, how could you not love them? So, of course everyone gives my the lecture..."You're just going to ahve to start putting your shoes away so she can't get them!" Not good enough for me, but I can deal with that for now. Then there were those who thought it was somewherebetween slightly funny and hilarious because they know me and shoes; not to mention any names Dad, Troy, Bevan, and the list goes on, and all men too. Coincidence? I don't think so. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, the guy at the shoe store saved the first victim (yes, I'm talking about the shoe), the second one is hopeless, but I have high hopes for the third pair. The shoe repair guy is a's not the first time he's saved my shoes...I've been tempted to jump the counter and plant one on him, but I refrain! I don't know if I can hold back if he fixes the black sling backs though!


There have been other things besides shoes that Frankie rips up as well, menus or anything paper, stuffed animals, and her bed. She's not picky, just as long as it leaves a huge mess. She even chewed apart a highlighter once. It stained everything, my carpet and even the pads of her feet were bright yellow for a few days. Mom's purse is another favorite of Frankie's, well any purse really, it's just that's Mom's is the most common. Anything edible is gone, even lipstick, eyeliner, the actual wallet and cards within. Not so funny now eh Mom? Oh yeah, and even wood, like not wood from my shoes, but the actual patio is no match for Frankie. She will actually pull pieces off and chew them up. You'd think she'd learn her lesson, I mean it can't be all that comfy sitting in her stomach.

I guess the worst happened just the other morning. She finally crossed a line, see, it was always funny when it was my stuff, but Wed. morning rolled around, and Dad got out of bed and this time it was his turn. He come downstairs to find Frankie had eaten the buckle off his $400.00 orthodic sandals. Well, no word of a lie only a few hours later Frankie was signed up for obedience school. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I know, I know, I'm lazy...Time to play Catch Up!

Ok, where to start...I guess with going to the Pressroom on a Thursday night (as usual), and Kelly MacDonald was there. I haven't seen Kelly in a while, and found out that she just came home from out west and is going to spend some time on the cruise ships. Talking to her that night, we realized that we have hit, what we affectionately like to call it, "our quarter life crisis!" This is because a good majority of our friends, like I said before, are either getting married, having babies, or both, and Kelly and I are no where near that point. We don't even have real jobs yet! Anyway, this all took place the night before I was going wedding dress shopping with my sister, which was the day before my best friends wedding. It made for somewhat of a depressing weekend, fun, but just exaggerating the whole "quarter life crisis" thing!
Anyway, the wedding dress shopping thing went pretty well (no one with obvious tiara's up their ass!. I think everyone going had a different outlook on how it would play out, but it was good. Missy went with one style in mind, and came out wanting something completely different. There was the worry that we wouldn't find anything that suited Missy's taste, but instead we finished the day trying to decided between 2 dresses of the 6 she loved (Oh, and by the way Bevan, just so you know it's pink with lots of lace and pearls!). We also found a few different options for bridesmaids dresses. The one I personally loved isn't exactly suited for the wedding. I say I love it, and I do, but more as something I would wear to other peoples weddings...I don't so much love it as a bridesmaid dress. But it was amazing. The one we liked for the wedding was perfect, and it incorporates the brown and blue for the wedding. So, it was a very productive day. Now to prepare for the next one. Chris's wedding!

The day was amazing, I don't think I ever seen two other people in my life so in love. It was the first time I ever watched one of my friends get married, and not just any friend, the friend who signed a contract with me, God knows how many years ago, stating that if we weren't married by the time we were 28 we would marry each other. Needless to say it was a tear jerker! LOL! It was a good day though...Everything looked amazing, and of course the party was good. Brooke and I decided to smuggle in some of our own liquor and sneak off to the bathroom to put it in our drinks (because we needed more alcohol at this point)!

Obviously, we were already pretty intoxicated! Beyond Ash played and we danced all night. By the time is was time to go home none of us thought we were ready yet, so Kelly called her dad to bring "the paddy wagon" to come pick us up and go back to drink on the beach for a while. Once again too drunk...I sat in the back of the van, oh sorry, paddy wagon, and didn't pay attention to where we were going. We got there realized it was too dark to go to the beach so we had a few drinks at the house, and then I called my Dad to come get us at Kelly's Dad's house. This is where it gets good...I wasn't paying attention on the drive out there, so I didn't realize that we went in the opposite direction to where I thought Kelly's Dad lived. It turns out that in the year I was gone Kelly's Dad built a new place so my Dad waited at the wrong house for a while then finally called Mom, slightly ticked, asking where I was. By this time I had figured it out and called her to fill her in! I know, I know, I'm an idiot! But it made for an interesting story, which is all that counts!
This Saturday past we had a card work shop at the store. Mindy decided it would be fun to teach a group of women 10 different cards. Boy, was she wrong. Not about having fun on the actual day of the work shop, but the days leading up to it were slightly more than crazy! We didn't consider that it was us who would have to get all the pieces of the cards cut out for this class that a total of 28 women had signed up for. And, on top of all that Mindy planned a BB-Q at her house after ward....Mindy is slightly crazy, the reason I fit in at the store! Anyway, it came to a point that we were both either taking stuff home, or staying late at the store to get everything cut out for the day. On top of it all, on Wed, just before the workshop while we were dwelling on cutting out cardstock we got a shipment of stock in at the store, and not just any shipment...It was the mother load...27 boxes of product to be put on the shelves before Sat! Somehow we made it through!

This is the day of the work shop, looking very fancy in our new cropping aprons from Making Memories! Mindy is in the middle, Lynn (I know you love this pic) is drinking the water, and Kim Prince (an amazing member of our design team) is in the white on the left, not wanting to be in the picture...Sorry, I had to do it. Kim is also the designer of this card, which I love so very much!

She's so good! It was a thank-you card for a CD I made for her a few weeks before! LOVE IT! Thanks again!
Now that you are probably going crazy from reading this, I thought I'd give those of you who know about my blog a sneak peak at the first 4 pages of the powerscrap I'm teaching in Oct. I'll post the other 2 once I finish them (another day or so!) Hope you like them.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here fishy fishy fishy

What a day! We left the house at about 1:00 to go down town and watch the re-enactment of the landing of the ship Hector. It was pretty cool, even though I think I've seen it like 10 times now! It was nice to see the ship out in the harbour instead of docked at the museum!

Then we decided to head out of the harbour and give mackerel fishing a try. It was awesome! I, alone, caught about 80 mackerel. They were all pretty small, and we only kept about 6, just enough for supper. But it was still fun. Once again, there ended up being 5 boats tied together, all fishing, but I caught the most! Of course the clouds had to start rolling in, and then the thunder and lightening started and everyone headed back in pretty quick. Except us! We just changed spots. I wasn't ready to go home yet!

So, this was raincoat or pants, but I did find this beach bag hanging in the wheel house and thought it would be perfect to keep me a little dry, so away I went again, with the bag on my head! You can see in the last picture why I just couldn't get enough, there are 6 mackerel on the line in that pic! Even Frankie had a fun day chasing the flipping mackerel all over the deck, nipping at theirs tails and barking at them. She didn't know what to think at first, but once she got a little more comfortable she actually started trying to pick them up!
Ahhhhh, just finished supper, and there is nothing better than catching your own supper! Especially when it's mackerel...mmmmmmmmmmm!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Few of my Favorite Things

Last Saturday, after the hang-over from Jubilee wore off, Missy and I decided to take off to Truro to go to the Scrapbooking store. We decided that since it was an hours drive each way we would actually find some other things to do as well (just an excuse, we really just wanted to go to the scrapbook store). Anyway, we realized while at the scrapbook store that it's not so easy to just blow our money on scrapbook stuff anymore. The only reason being that we both work in different stores! Now if we go to a store and see something we like we're just kinda like "ah, lets wait and see if we can get it in at our own store!" Either way, we still managed to spend some money. We both bought the small Heidi Swapp flower centers! Can't wait to use them.
After that, we decided to take a look at a bridal shop down the road to look at wedding dresses for Missy. We did find a really nice one, but the woman that worked in there must have had a tiara stuck up her ass because she was no help at
all, and Missy is even thinking about not going back there to look for a dress. I mean come on, if you are going to be spending $1200 on a dress you'd think the woman would have been a little more accommodating! It didn't take us long to take off from that place, and then we went to the mall. This is when the best buys of the day were found. I decided to try out some new make-up, and I'm sooooooooooo glad I did! It's definitly some of my new favorite stuff; LashExact by Covergirl, and Vinyl Lip by Rimmel London in Eastend Snob. There is nothing worse than trying something and totally regretting it, but if you don't try it, you'll never know. I also decided to check out Coles in the mall to see if they carried my current favorite book, My Horizontal Life: a collection of one night stands, by Chelsea Handler. And, to my suprise they had one copy left. I borrowed the book from a friend, Nikki, a few months ago, and laughed my ass off while reading it. Seriously, she tells her stories about picking up, and she is a comedian, so as if the stories aren't funny enough, she makes them sound "fall on the floor laughing" funny! I didn't own the book for 5 minutes before it was in my sisters hands and I haven't seen it since. Hope you are enjoying it as much as I did Missy!
This led us to our last stop in Truro for the day, at the Dollarama! I love it! We got there and we were just kinda browsing around when we came across one pack of black ribbon that looked exactly like American Craft. Of course, there were only two left and Missy and I snatched them up right away. When we got to the checkout the woman told us that there were lots more colors but they sold out already, and they had only put it out at 6:00 pm the night before. Well, Missy and I looked at each other with the same mischievous look on our faces...Dollarama back home! It was a mission. We practially ran out of the mall in Truro jumped into the car and started on the hour drive home to try to get the ribbon there before it was too late. The drive took only about 40 minutes instead of an hour, but we made it, and, we cleaned them out of ribbon. It was just sitting there waiting for us. Two left of each color, just calling out "Melissa, Melanie we were waiting for you!" Perfect! What an end to a great day, and I think Missy would agree! Simple things make me too happy ;)