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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jubilee Weekend

The 11th annual Riverfront Jubilee happened this weekend past, and even though I had no intentions of going I ended up there both Thursday and Friday night! And, I actually had a good time. Thursday night we decided to take the boat up the East River to take in a few minutes of the music, but mainly we just wanted a boat trip and a few drinks. Amy, Jen, Myself, Pat, Jess, Derek, Matt, Chris, Jay, Mom, Dad and Frankie all made the trip up that night. It was an amazing night on the water. As you can see. Amy, Jen and I decided to make the trip up the river on the wheel house. It was awesome, and even involved and "mini photo" shoot, at least that's what we called it!
We stayed up river for a little while then decided to head back home to meet up with Melissa and Bevan who were on their way home from PEI to see "Joel" (just for you Missy)! So, we docked for a little while, then headed back up to the main stage, by car, to catch the show. It worked out perfect because we got there just as he was doing a sound check! After the show we headed home. Mom and Dad left the next day with the boat to go to PEI, leaving the opportunity for people to do the pre-drink thing at my place before we headed up town for a second night in a row.

Unfortunatly, there was rain the second night, so we skipped the show and went straight to the cabaret for a little bit of dancing! As usual we had a ball, got a couple hours of dancing in and headed home! So, as I said for a weekend I had no intentions of taking part in I had a great couple of nights!


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