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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My day off! (Extremely uneventful)

Ahhh, a day off, and nothing going on! Well, it wasn't too bad. I got up and took Frankie for a walk. As usual she had to stop in to Shiretown Auto to visit everyone, but this morning she made a new friend [finally a dog smaller than her that she didn't bark at]. Frankie met Shiloh this morning, a tiny, white, 6 week old, part chihuahua - part toy poodle mix! It was seriously like 2 pounds and that's pushing it. Other than that I went to shop for Jen's b-day present; which I must say is pretty damn good, and then it was off to the dentist! Once again all clear, not one single cavity in my entire life [knock on wood]! But my hygenist and I did have fun playing with the new digital camera in the office. Everytime it's used they put a new piece of plastic over it [my hygenist likes to call it the condom] and they just take pics of your teeth to show you. It was actually pretty cool, the highlight of my day even [that was for you Missy]! Anyway, off to make a bag for Jen's present and to do some scrapbooking!


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