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Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Aftermath of Hurricane Frankie

Oh, look at me...I'm just the cutest doggie in the world! Well, not so much! This is my little Frankie. She will be 11 months tomorrow, and is currently weighing in at 9.5 pounds; full grown for a breed of her type, miniature dachshund. I will admis, shis is super cute, and I love her to death. She my be a little too cute for her own good though. She gets away with almost everything. For example, I am a shoe fanatic. I love shoes...they are your friend no matter what...put on a few pounds, and your jeans are no longer your friend, but your shoes will fit no matter what. I feel the same way about purses...they never let you down. Anyway, back to the point, Frankie and I, as it turns out have the same taste in shoes, unforunately in Frankie's case it's literal. She really likes the taste of my shoes. I showed you the first pic before, but there have been two more attacks since then. A pair of wooden shoes, which can in no way be saved, and my absolute favorite pair of sling backs, with a kitten heel. My favorite because I don't usually wear black, I like brown, so when I found these shoes and discovered they worked in any situation, casual, dressy, at work; well, how could you not love them? So, of course everyone gives my the lecture..."You're just going to ahve to start putting your shoes away so she can't get them!" Not good enough for me, but I can deal with that for now. Then there were those who thought it was somewherebetween slightly funny and hilarious because they know me and shoes; not to mention any names Dad, Troy, Bevan, and the list goes on, and all men too. Coincidence? I don't think so. HAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, the guy at the shoe store saved the first victim (yes, I'm talking about the shoe), the second one is hopeless, but I have high hopes for the third pair. The shoe repair guy is a's not the first time he's saved my shoes...I've been tempted to jump the counter and plant one on him, but I refrain! I don't know if I can hold back if he fixes the black sling backs though!


There have been other things besides shoes that Frankie rips up as well, menus or anything paper, stuffed animals, and her bed. She's not picky, just as long as it leaves a huge mess. She even chewed apart a highlighter once. It stained everything, my carpet and even the pads of her feet were bright yellow for a few days. Mom's purse is another favorite of Frankie's, well any purse really, it's just that's Mom's is the most common. Anything edible is gone, even lipstick, eyeliner, the actual wallet and cards within. Not so funny now eh Mom? Oh yeah, and even wood, like not wood from my shoes, but the actual patio is no match for Frankie. She will actually pull pieces off and chew them up. You'd think she'd learn her lesson, I mean it can't be all that comfy sitting in her stomach.

I guess the worst happened just the other morning. She finally crossed a line, see, it was always funny when it was my stuff, but Wed. morning rolled around, and Dad got out of bed and this time it was his turn. He come downstairs to find Frankie had eaten the buckle off his $400.00 orthodic sandals. Well, no word of a lie only a few hours later Frankie was signed up for obedience school. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!


Blogger Flower said...

Ok, I have to let you in on something. Get pregnant and your shoes will turn on you too! Even after all the baby fat and the boobs dry up, they may still never fit again!
So, make sure the sleek and gorgeous zebra is careful when crossbreeding! LOL

2:04 PM  

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