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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I know, I know, I'm lazy...Time to play Catch Up!

Ok, where to start...I guess with going to the Pressroom on a Thursday night (as usual), and Kelly MacDonald was there. I haven't seen Kelly in a while, and found out that she just came home from out west and is going to spend some time on the cruise ships. Talking to her that night, we realized that we have hit, what we affectionately like to call it, "our quarter life crisis!" This is because a good majority of our friends, like I said before, are either getting married, having babies, or both, and Kelly and I are no where near that point. We don't even have real jobs yet! Anyway, this all took place the night before I was going wedding dress shopping with my sister, which was the day before my best friends wedding. It made for somewhat of a depressing weekend, fun, but just exaggerating the whole "quarter life crisis" thing!
Anyway, the wedding dress shopping thing went pretty well (no one with obvious tiara's up their ass!. I think everyone going had a different outlook on how it would play out, but it was good. Missy went with one style in mind, and came out wanting something completely different. There was the worry that we wouldn't find anything that suited Missy's taste, but instead we finished the day trying to decided between 2 dresses of the 6 she loved (Oh, and by the way Bevan, just so you know it's pink with lots of lace and pearls!). We also found a few different options for bridesmaids dresses. The one I personally loved isn't exactly suited for the wedding. I say I love it, and I do, but more as something I would wear to other peoples weddings...I don't so much love it as a bridesmaid dress. But it was amazing. The one we liked for the wedding was perfect, and it incorporates the brown and blue for the wedding. So, it was a very productive day. Now to prepare for the next one. Chris's wedding!

The day was amazing, I don't think I ever seen two other people in my life so in love. It was the first time I ever watched one of my friends get married, and not just any friend, the friend who signed a contract with me, God knows how many years ago, stating that if we weren't married by the time we were 28 we would marry each other. Needless to say it was a tear jerker! LOL! It was a good day though...Everything looked amazing, and of course the party was good. Brooke and I decided to smuggle in some of our own liquor and sneak off to the bathroom to put it in our drinks (because we needed more alcohol at this point)!

Obviously, we were already pretty intoxicated! Beyond Ash played and we danced all night. By the time is was time to go home none of us thought we were ready yet, so Kelly called her dad to bring "the paddy wagon" to come pick us up and go back to drink on the beach for a while. Once again too drunk...I sat in the back of the van, oh sorry, paddy wagon, and didn't pay attention to where we were going. We got there realized it was too dark to go to the beach so we had a few drinks at the house, and then I called my Dad to come get us at Kelly's Dad's house. This is where it gets good...I wasn't paying attention on the drive out there, so I didn't realize that we went in the opposite direction to where I thought Kelly's Dad lived. It turns out that in the year I was gone Kelly's Dad built a new place so my Dad waited at the wrong house for a while then finally called Mom, slightly ticked, asking where I was. By this time I had figured it out and called her to fill her in! I know, I know, I'm an idiot! But it made for an interesting story, which is all that counts!
This Saturday past we had a card work shop at the store. Mindy decided it would be fun to teach a group of women 10 different cards. Boy, was she wrong. Not about having fun on the actual day of the work shop, but the days leading up to it were slightly more than crazy! We didn't consider that it was us who would have to get all the pieces of the cards cut out for this class that a total of 28 women had signed up for. And, on top of all that Mindy planned a BB-Q at her house after ward....Mindy is slightly crazy, the reason I fit in at the store! Anyway, it came to a point that we were both either taking stuff home, or staying late at the store to get everything cut out for the day. On top of it all, on Wed, just before the workshop while we were dwelling on cutting out cardstock we got a shipment of stock in at the store, and not just any shipment...It was the mother load...27 boxes of product to be put on the shelves before Sat! Somehow we made it through!

This is the day of the work shop, looking very fancy in our new cropping aprons from Making Memories! Mindy is in the middle, Lynn (I know you love this pic) is drinking the water, and Kim Prince (an amazing member of our design team) is in the white on the left, not wanting to be in the picture...Sorry, I had to do it. Kim is also the designer of this card, which I love so very much!

She's so good! It was a thank-you card for a CD I made for her a few weeks before! LOVE IT! Thanks again!
Now that you are probably going crazy from reading this, I thought I'd give those of you who know about my blog a sneak peak at the first 4 pages of the powerscrap I'm teaching in Oct. I'll post the other 2 once I finish them (another day or so!) Hope you like them.


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