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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Here fishy fishy fishy

What a day! We left the house at about 1:00 to go down town and watch the re-enactment of the landing of the ship Hector. It was pretty cool, even though I think I've seen it like 10 times now! It was nice to see the ship out in the harbour instead of docked at the museum!

Then we decided to head out of the harbour and give mackerel fishing a try. It was awesome! I, alone, caught about 80 mackerel. They were all pretty small, and we only kept about 6, just enough for supper. But it was still fun. Once again, there ended up being 5 boats tied together, all fishing, but I caught the most! Of course the clouds had to start rolling in, and then the thunder and lightening started and everyone headed back in pretty quick. Except us! We just changed spots. I wasn't ready to go home yet!

So, this was raincoat or pants, but I did find this beach bag hanging in the wheel house and thought it would be perfect to keep me a little dry, so away I went again, with the bag on my head! You can see in the last picture why I just couldn't get enough, there are 6 mackerel on the line in that pic! Even Frankie had a fun day chasing the flipping mackerel all over the deck, nipping at theirs tails and barking at them. She didn't know what to think at first, but once she got a little more comfortable she actually started trying to pick them up!
Ahhhhh, just finished supper, and there is nothing better than catching your own supper! Especially when it's mackerel...mmmmmmmmmmm!


Blogger Missy said...

Looks like fun, although I can't believe you stood out there, in the thunder and lightening with a metal fishing pole in your hands!!! I would have loved to be there to see Frankie!!!

3:59 PM  

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