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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, Lost...where do I begin?

Ok, so this is what's up...I'm absolutly addicted to a few TV shows lately, but I just can't help myself! It's an addiction, like chocolate, shopping and scrapbooking! Let's start with Grey's Anatomy and the idiots that screwed up the showing of the first episode. Let's be serious for a second and say that who ever screwed up should have been fired on the spot! If he/she is still there they are lucky I wasn't in charge because they would have been toast! It seriously messed with a lot of people's normal daily schedule...those who know there will be conversation around the water cooler the next day that will be based on the fav TV show from the night before were all confused. Some were talking about the real first episode, and others were talking about the second episode which they thought was the first and no one actually had a clue what the other was talking about, so they all walked away thinking the others were crazy! Ok, so maybe that's just my life, but I'm sure it had to have happened to others too. Or, there is also the fact that those who can access the episodes on line went ahead and did that; therefore leaving no suprises for the next week because they already saw both episodes. Yes, I am very bitter about the whole thing. I just can't wait until this Thursday when everything is back to normal. About the current situation of everyone on the show, I think it's awesome...Addison, who ruined the relationship with McDreamy in the first place, went ahead and sealed that deal by sleeping with his ex-best friend again. I love that he kinda looked like a bad guy there for a sec, but come on, looking like that how could you even get in trouble! And the whole Meridith dating two guys thing...I LOVE IT! Come on, who else could get away with that? I still don't know who I want her to pick though. I mean it's obvious that it will be McDreamy, otherwise the show is off kilter, but I really like the Vet! Anyway, one of my crazy friends actually thinks that George's woman is going to cheat on him with the chief, but I don't agree, that just seems crazy. I could go on forever, but I'll stop...for now anyway!

On to Dancing with the Stars! (I can't get the damn pics to upload, but I guess I don't really need them anyway) There is only one person to start with when it comes to this show...Sara Evans BOOOOOO! She is horrible, and is the most annoying person on the show. She's all like "I'm not as innocent as I look" and, "I'm gonna let go and show everyone the real me" News flash...we are seeing the real you, and its pretty damn boring. I think her idea of being bad is 2 glasses of wine and kissing a guy on the cheek on the first date! Other than her, I like everyone else, Mario is starting to annoy me a little bit, but I can deal for now. I think my favorite couple is the Joey couple! They are great together, and he genuinely seems like he wants to do good. Even Jerry is doing pretty good, I'd say let him learn the one other dance for his daughters wedding then give him the boot...for his own good, but he is actually putting in an effort; unlike Master P last season. Oh, and I did feel bad for Ashley and Harry last week because he was working really hard, he still looked pretty stiff, but he was working hard, and I think improving!

Ok, the Amazing Race...It is hilarious this season...they have the most sterotypical teams ever this season...the couple from Kentucky, "I don't know how to start them there new vehicles" Get that man a horse, for god's sake! Tom and Terry, I love them, they are awesome, the beauty queens are doing good, I'm impressed. But, thank god the cheerleaders are gone, I couldn't take the cheering in the cabs, in the planes, driving down the road...shut up already! I'm holding out for the moms to win it...unlikely, but it would be nice

The Bachelor Rome...a prince who needs a TV show to find him a wife....Nuff said!

Lost...I just made bets about predictions for the show with Missy and Bevan, so I can't make any comments until after the first episode cause Bevan will steal all my ideas! hahahaha! I can't wait for the season premiere tonight!


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